Cheesemanburg Landfill Urban Sanitation (CLUS) Project:

The Cheeseamanburg Landfill Urban Sanitation project is a 5 year 17.5 Million dollars project aimed at improving access to solid waste collection and disposal in Monrovia and its environs.

The CLUS project is implemented by the project implementation Unit (PIU) at the Monrovia City Cooperation (MCC). The project will endeavor to strengthen the solid waste management sector of Monrovia which is acquiring greater importance within the Government of Liberia ( GOL)’s development agenda. The GOL’S Medium Team Economic Growth and Development Strategy (2013-2017) aims , among others , to increase access to sanitation and reduce disposal of solid waste.

The CLUS project with finding from the Liberia Reconstruction Trust Fund (LRTF) through the World Bank (WB) is designed as an urban development project with solid waste as an entry point.

The objective of the CLUS Project is to improve access to solid waste management services in Monrovia and its surrounding townships . One of the project’s biggest achievement will be the construction of a new sanitary landfill site in Cheesemanburg to replace the existing landfill in Whein Town which has a limited lifespan of less than two years.

The Emergency Monrovia Urban Sanitation (EMUS) launched in 2009 with funding from the Liberia Reconstruction Trust Fund ( LRTF) and the International Development Association ( IDA) supported solid waste collection and disposal in Monrovia and its environs up to December 30, 2016. The CLUS project is designed to build on the achievement/ gains of the EMUS project in the building of a more vibrant Solid Waste Management sector.

Project Components:

The CLUS project has three main components . Component one (1) of the project will aim at the construction of the Cheesemanburg Regional Landfill as well as partial and full closure of the Whien Town Sanitary Landfill.

This component will ensure the conduct of major studies required for informed decision making for the improvement of the sector . Component two(2) will aim at supporting the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) in improving solid waste collection and disposal in and around the City of Monrovia while component three (3) of the CLUS project will help ensure institutional capacity strengthening and technical assistance / support to critical stakeholders to include the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) , Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) , surrounding townships ( Congo Town, West Point , Gardnersville, Garwulor, Virginia, Brewerville, New Georgia Township and Paynesville.

Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) , and the Project Implementation Unit ( PIU) at the Monrovia CITY Corporation . The CLUS will also help ensure revenue maximization and improve citizen engagmenet and awareness as part of an effort geared towards sustainability and behavioral change in the solid waste management sector.