Office Of The Mayor

Hon. John-Charuk S. Siafa

Monrovia City Mayor

Office Of The Mayor

The Mayor is the Chief Executive, administrative and managerial head of the City. Vested with powers, responsibility and authority shall enjoy privileges appertaining to such position and in addition thereto specifically serving as spokesman and negotiator for the City , ceremonial functionary of the City and unless otherwise stipulated , shall appoint all officers and staff to all appointive positions within the City Corp.

The Mayor shall also be vested with the responsibility of implementing the policies and guidelines set by the common Council , enforcement of City Ordinances and in general articulation of the goals and aspirations of the residents of Monrovia as contained in the Act that established the City Government and as from time to time made apparent .

In order for the office to execute these functions, there are Departments, Bureau and Units responsible for the daily function of the office.

Former Mayors