Guest Service Unit

Guest Service Unit

Guests Services unit ( GSU) envisions a Monrovia City Corporation ( MCC) that is hospitable , warm welcoming and people centered , providing the information needs of guests/ Visitors , residents , clients / Customers visiting or residing in Monrovia and wishing to transact business with the Monrovia City Corporation through Hall/ Facilitates rental , partnerships , Tourism, etc.

Purpose of the Department

The Guests Services Unit (GSU)takes the lead in the receiving and welcoming guests/ Visitors to the Monrovia City Corporation , Informing them on issues of concerns to them and serving them through MCC’s hospitality through regular touring of the MCC’s facilitates and reception during programs.

The department is responsible for creating a strong revenue base to ensure that MCC is sustained. It is also responsible to ensure that the public has the right kinds of information, to make inform choices about the types of products/services they want to consume.

Functions of the Unit
  1. Develop operational plans/ policies / strategies and mechanisms for executing functions as they relate to events planning , protocol and entertainment.
  2. To welcome guests that comes to the Monrovia City Corporation.
  3. To entertain staffs /guests during events at the MCC.
  4. Conduct regular inspections and monitoring of the facilities to ensure cleanliness and preparedness for rental or event use.
  5. To ensure that the Central TV /Music system is functional at all times and kept safe at the end of each working day/event.
  6. To develop procedure for Hall booking / Rental.
  7. To respond to guest inquires.
  8. Ensure supplies are placed in rest rooms/ toilets.
  9. Receive and serve Mayor’s guests.
  10. Take guests on a tour of the facilities / City- such as parks / Recreational sites, etc owned or operated by the MCC.
  11. Change flowers and water flowers in lobby.
  12. Usher during events at MCC.
  13. Identify missing items and report same,
  14. Receive communication and dispatch same to respective departments, etc.
Structure of the Department

To ensure that the above functions and responsibilities are delivered , two key section are constituted under guests services Unit and various jobs ( Positions ) organized under it . The Unit is headed by an ‘ Officer’ while the section under the officer are headed by ‘ Supervisors ‘.

The Two sections are:
  • Hospitality Services
  • Information Services