Human Resource

Human Resource

The Human Resource Department envisions MCC’s with a diverse. Qualified , healthy , result oriented and value driven workforce , committed and striving towards the mission of MCC.

Purpose of the Department

The Human Resource Department plays a key role in developing and administering a cost- effective and results – oriented human resource programs, policies, services, and practices. The Department shall actively implement the HR policies, manage the human resource development process and maintain an up-to date human resource information system. The Department shall strive to promote MCC as reputed employer through robust recruitment, orientation, training and performance management processes and works towards ensuring a favorable work culture.

Functions of the Department
  1. To ensure that MCC has clear, appropriate and workable policies and procedures for all aspects of employment and volunteering.
  2. To ensure that MCC’s policies and procedures comply with legal requirements, and are up-dated to comply with changes in the labor law of Liberia.
  3. To ensure all the process and practices in MCC compliance with MCC HR Policy and other regulations.
  4. To ensure that job descriptions for all positions/levels are developed and timely updated to enable workers to understand their duties and responsibilities and deliver it accordingly.
  5. To ensure all staff, whether paid or voluntary are properly recruited, inducted, supervised, trained and supported.
  6. To play an intermediary role between staff and management, facilitating HR actions such as disciplinary actions and grievances.
  7. To oversee staff welfare issues in terms of medical and personal accident insurance.
  8. To support the Directors/ Managers / Supervisors to undertake their HR Functions such as disciplinary and other HR actions.
  9. To manage the performance appraisal system of MCC.
  10. To facilitate the remuneration and benefit administration.
  11. To develop, maintain, and manage an up to date Human Resource Information System.
Structure of the Department

The structure is intended to ensure that the above functions and responsibilities are delivered, two key sections are constituted under the Human Resources Department and the various jobs (Positions) organized under it. The Department is headed by the ‘Director’ and the sections are headed by ‘Managers’.

The Two sections/ Units are:
  1. HR Policy Compliance section
  2. Performance Management Section