Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health and Safety Department envisions Monrovia with its citizens relishing healthily and safe living environment and good quality of life.

Purpose of the Department

The Environmental Health and Safety Department takes lead in addressing environmental nuisances in the city of Monrovia. It ensures full compliance of Environmental Health and safety standards through regular inspection and reinforcement. The Department also ensures services that promote environmental health and safety for maintaining environmental health and hygiene conditions such as pest/animal control, health emergency response (as and when necessary).

The Department is guided by and acts under the power bested by City Ordinance No. 1 (sections 2(b), 4, 7, 9) Provisions within Public health and safety Law. MCC’s Environment Management Plan

Functions of the Department
To set standards for pubic behavior with regard to public safety and hygiene and ensure its enforcement. To set norms for the operation of shops, businesses and establishments with regards to environmental health and safety standards and enforcing the same.