Community Service

Community Service

Community Services envisions a clean, healthy and organized city of Monrovia where residents, businesses and visitors are well informed on various hygiene, waste disposal, sanitation, zoning and other municipal issues and are willing and empowered to fully operate and collaborate with the Monrovia City Corporation to collectively address them; where the citizens proactively participate in the good governance of the city and effectively support in its growth and development thereby leading to a city where there is full community ownership and participation and greater community harmony.

Purpose of the Department

The community services Department acts as the bridge between the residents of Monrovia and the Monrovia City Corporation serving as principal liaison between the corporation and local community. The Department takes the lead in establishing contact and maintaining cordial relationship with the community, acts as the public relations agent and spokesperson of MCC in dealing with issues directly related to the community and facilitation community mobilization and support for MCC’s programs and services.

The department is responsible for creating a strong sense of community ownership and participation through various community outreach and engagement strategies and programs as well as promoting community harmony. It also fulfills the information needs of the residents, businesses and visitors of Monrovia by providing accurate, adequate and timely information on the various municipal laws, plans, policies, issues, agenda and concerns through public awareness and educations campaigns and other information dissemination systems and actively seeks supports and cooperation for it. The department also facilitates community promoting the practice of good governance with accountability, transparency and citizen’s participation.

The Department is guided by and acts under the power vested by: Administrative Regulation # 004/2002, June 5, 2002 City Ordinance # No 5